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Interview with the rather hunky Steve Backshall

Published in the Cambridge News and online June 2012 The wildlife expert and BAFTA-winning TV presenter talks to LIZZY DENING about the runaway success of his show Deadly 60, his numerous near-death experiences – and why he’s so often bare-chested on the box. If you’re a fan of wildlife programmes, and in particular those featuring … Continue reading

A Wild Night Out at London Zoo

Published on, March 25th 2013 It’s not often that I get to have a wild night out, but meeting London Zoo’s new residents last Thursday definitely fit the bill. Tiger Territory is a state of the art enclosure which cost a staggering £3.6 million to build, and now houses a pair of critically endangered … Continue reading

Night at the museum: A mealworm feast and snoozing with tigers on a Dino Snores break

Published on the MailOnline, Thursday 21st March 2013 The best place to sleep in London’s Natural History Museum is in a little alcove beside a cross-eyed, stuffed tiger. Many make the mistake of bedding down near Dippy, the central hall’s 32 metre-long diplodocus skeleton, but the snores of the masses seem to reverberate through his … Continue reading