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10 Things We Learnt at the Fantastic Beasts Premiere

First published on Grazia Daily on November 16 2016

The stars of the much-anticipated Potter prequel Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them were out in force for the film’s European premiere last night. Before the film arrives in cinemas later this week, we bring you some magical dispatches from the red – sorry, blue – carpet…


1. Eddie Redmayne is dreamy in real life.

And on screen, despite his character being called Newt Scamander. He was looking particularly dapper in a delicately printed navy suit, paired with cheekbones you could slice Tesco Finest range ham on, and eyes that almost exactly matched the blue carpet set out for the occasion. He’s smaller than expected, as is generally the way with people you’re used to seeing on a screen the size of a house.

2. He does a strangely erotic mating dance in the film…

… For the benefit of one of the beasts. He and a choreographer watched bird mating dances on Youtube and he performed 10 or so versions before alighting on the most erotic: ‘There’s some career-ending material on a phone somewhere.’ he said. New life goal – hunt down said material.

3. His wife Hannah Bagshawe wore Alexander McQueen


Hannah paired a causual swishy ponytail with a demure floral dress with pockets – got to love a pocket dress. If you were feeling imaginative, you might pretend they were stuffed with nifflers, bowtruckles and other Fantastic Beasts…

4. Colin Farrell was MIA

Where oh where was Colin Farrell? He swerved the premiere for some reason but it didn’t matter much because…

5. JK Rowling was there

The hero of the hour looked incredible in a sparkly, figure-fitting golden dress by Jenny Packham and some very strong highlighting – her cheekbones were serious rivals to Eddie’s.

6. Katherine Waterson (aka Tina Goldstein) is a style icon in the making…

Our personal favourite outfit was Katherine Waterson’s daring black Victoriana co-ords by Rodarte, every Hollywood cool girl’s go-to brand. The formality of the delicate buttons and the caped style of the top were off-set with edgy wet-look hair and an ab-baring crop.


7. And so is Alison Sudol

Actress and singer Alison (who plays Tina’s sister, Queenie) has dimples to die for and looked stunning in an open-backed black ruffled maxi, accessorised with a ring that could take an eye out. We can’t wait for the next Fantastic Beasts instalment, if only for red carpet gazing.


8. Celebrity umbrella holders are a thing

Who knew? These noble, sodden-haired folk deserve some recognition for selflessly getting soaked while protecting the glossy up-dos of A-listers. Let’s hope none of them have the sniffles today.

9. You’ll leave the film wanting to adopt a magical creature

Our personal favourite? A serene grey woolly creature who was a cross between Yoda and a sloth. Look out for him.

10. Briefcases will be a thing next season

Especially magical ones you can live in. You heard it here first.


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