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The Sims at 20: how a generation of young people grew up playing God

First published in the i 27th January 2020 Two decades since the suburban sandbox game became a PC sensation, Lizzy Dening wonders if it promised an adulthood that proved out of reach A smooth, wordless jazz fills the spare room where I, at 13, have been camped out for hours, building a house with a swimming … Continue reading

Why Peanuts is still in fashion

First published by the i 5th May 2020 Seventy years since Peanuts comic strips were first published, Snoopy and his friends are as popular, influential and lucrative as ever It’s a scene that sums up our propensity for hope in the face of inevitable failure: a round-headed child called Charlie Brown approaches an American football, … Continue reading

Harry Styles shows how sexy, normal and attractive consent can be

First published by The Independent 20th May 2020 How delightful – and if I’m honest, unexpected – that a man in a position of such power took the time to make sure everyone around him was having as much fun as he was Harry Styles has been called many things by fans over the years (many … Continue reading

Here’s why you should STILL be angry about the tampon tax

First published by Marie Claire10th December 2019 Women’s charities were promised the extra funding… but it’s not being delivered. Now you can join a new campaign demanding our ‘blood money’ back The tampon tax that deems sanitary items a ‘luxury’ has always been a bone of contention for anyone who’s ever baulked at the price … Continue reading

What I’ve learnt from rape survivors

First published by Marie Claire27th November 2019 Hello, my name is Lizzy Dening and I help survivors of sexual violence tell their unflinching honest accounts online, often when they’ve not told anyone before. Here’s why it’s crucial we learn to listen This week marked the start of the UN’s 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based … Continue reading