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8 easy ways to volunteer when you’re short on time

First published on Cosmopolitan UK on November 11, 2016 With the political turmoil of 2016, it’s easy to feel powerless; but the best way to fight fear is with love and hope. If work or study commitments take up most of your time it’s still possible to make a positive difference through volunteering. Here are … Continue reading

All the most popular bath bombs in Lush ranked in order

First published on Cosmopolitan UK on November 8 2016 It’s a tough job but someone had to do it. Lizzy Dening tried all the classic Lush bath bombs and catagorised them from worst to best. Where does your favourite rank? 17. SAKURA What does it smell like? Vaguely peachy How does it look? Rather bland, … Continue reading

5 of the best online workouts

First published on Cosmopolitan UK on June 30 2016 Should you be sweating with Kayla or bending it like Barrecore? Find your online workout tribe with our rundown of the best 1. Sweat with Kayla What is it? Aussie personal trainer Kayla Itsines is HUGE at the mo, and we don’t mean physically (she’ll give … Continue reading