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The Sims at 20: how a generation of young people grew up playing God

First published in the i 27th January 2020 Two decades since the suburban sandbox game became a PC sensation, Lizzy Dening wonders if it promised an adulthood that proved out of reach A smooth, wordless jazz fills the spare room where I, at 13, have been camped out for hours, building a house with a swimming … Continue reading

Why Peanuts is still in fashion

First published by the i 5th May 2020 Seventy years since Peanuts comic strips were first published, Snoopy and his friends are as popular, influential and lucrative as ever It’s a scene that sums up our propensity for hope in the face of inevitable failure: a round-headed child called Charlie Brown approaches an American football, … Continue reading

12 facts even the biggest Harry Potter nerd won’t know

First published by Cosmopolitan October 2017 Like the Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets deleted mermaid scene It might be 20 years since the first book was released, but that doesn’t mean our passion for Harry Potter shows any sign of dying out. Now, excitingly, there’s a chance to delve even deeper into Hogwarts … Continue reading

Weekender: The Best Bits of Birmingham

First appeared on Grazia Daily in November 2014 (but their website has now changed so I can’t link to it!) Weekender is Grazia’s new travel blog. Lizzy Dening will leave no stone unturned to discover the chicest breaks, hidden gems and best ways to spend 48 hours. It’s a tough job. If someone suggested indulging … Continue reading

‘Maleficent’ Is Almost Here! Here Are 5 Other Villains Who Deserve Their Own Film

Published on Grazia Daily on 28th March 2014 We could not be more excited to see bone fide sex goddess Angelina Jolie looking like a mad (albeit hot) goat in up-coming Maleficent. To celebrate, we examine five other villains we’d love to see holding their own in a feature film. 1. Cruella De Vil We’ve … Continue reading