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What happens when you IGNORE clothing care labels?

First published for FEMAIL on MAILONLINE on November 1 2016 One brave volunteer threw her woollens in the washing machine to find out (with some very upsetting results) Lizzy Dening says life is too short for carefully re-shaping knitwear But how accurate are labels and what damage can a machine really do? FEMAIL set out … Continue reading

What lies beneath: Going underground to uncover Disney World’s deepest secrets

First published on the MailOnline on 7th January 2014 There are thousands of rumours about Walt  Disney World, Florida, many without foundation.  There are tales of the park being filled with feral cats at night to keep the  rodents down, or the one about wild alligators inhabiting Splash Mountain.  However, my favourite rumour happens to be … Continue reading

Delicious Disney! Eating steak and sushi on a foodie tour of Mickey’s Florida resort

Published on the MailOnline 8th October 2013 What springs to mind when you think of Walt Disney World? Rollercoasters? Cinderella’s castle? A certain round-eared rodent? Whatever it is, it almost certainly won’t be haute cuisine. Traditionally home to nothing more exotic than hamburgers and fizzy drinks, the culinary side of this enormous Floridian resort – … Continue reading

Night at the museum: A mealworm feast and snoozing with tigers on a Dino Snores break

Published on the MailOnline, Thursday 21st March 2013 The best place to sleep in London’s Natural History Museum is in a little alcove beside a cross-eyed, stuffed tiger. Many make the mistake of bedding down near Dippy, the central hall’s 32 metre-long diplodocus skeleton, but the snores of the masses seem to reverberate through his … Continue reading