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Spice World: the feminist movie? When girl power hit the big screen

Is Spiceworld the Movie a feminist masterpiece? Continue reading


The Moomins: Tove Jansson’s feminist legacy

First published by The Guardian on September 26 2017 The Finnish author and illustrator used her books to subtly challenge views on how women should live and behave. Now, those stories are part of an Oxfam campaign to empower women around the world Post-war stories about Finnish trolls might not be the first place you … Continue reading

Breaking news: why does Hollywood gloss over the world of magazine journalism?

First published by The Guardian on January 3 2018 While The Post is the latest film to venerate the men who report the news, cinema still portrays magazine offices as the realm of shallow, shameful women As a magazine journalist, it’s hard to escape the feeling that people consider feature-writing a lesser art than hard … Continue reading

Zombie Games: Run for your Life

Published in The Guardian, Wednesday 31 October 2012 When I signed up for the first ever Zombie Evacuation 5k run, I was disappointed by the wimpy reactions of my friends. One said: “Hasn’t it ever occurred to you that this is the perfect cover-up for a real zombie invasion?” Another asked: “Aren’t you worried you’ll … Continue reading

Logan’s Meadow, Cambridge, Country Diary

Published in The Guardian, Monday 8 October Any two-bit fortune teller would be able to see the river running across my palm in place of a lifeline. It’s always been a powerful draw for me, and so Logan’s Meadow – a small, wooded reserve on the banks of the Cam – is one of my favourite … Continue reading