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Bright sparks: why Jersey’s dazzling glowworms are a secret worth searching out

Watching glow worms shimmer on Jersey sands is an unforgettable sight Continue reading


Training for the Disneyland Paris Half Marathon

Published by Closer on 17th June 2016 Lizzy Dening has signed up for the first ever Disneyland Paris Half Marathon this September…and she’s scared!     There are two things you need to know about me. Firstly, I love running. And by love I mean hate-with-occasional-moments-of-endorphins, and by running I mean jogging very s-l-o-w-l-y. So … Continue reading

Interview with the rather hunky Steve Backshall

Published in the Cambridge News and online June 2012 The wildlife expert and BAFTA-winning TV presenter talks to LIZZY DENING about the runaway success of his show Deadly 60, his numerous near-death experiences – and why he’s so often bare-chested on the box. If you’re a fan of wildlife programmes, and in particular those featuring … Continue reading

A Wild Night Out at London Zoo

Published on, March 25th 2013 It’s not often that I get to have a wild night out, but meeting London Zoo’s new residents last Thursday definitely fit the bill. Tiger Territory is a state of the art enclosure which cost a staggering £3.6 million to build, and now houses a pair of critically endangered … Continue reading

Zombie Games: Run for your Life

Published in The Guardian, Wednesday 31 October 2012 When I signed up for the first ever Zombie Evacuation 5k run, I was disappointed by the wimpy reactions of my friends. One said: “Hasn’t it ever occurred to you that this is the perfect cover-up for a real zombie invasion?” Another asked: “Aren’t you worried you’ll … Continue reading