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Bright sparks: why Jersey’s dazzling glowworms are a secret worth searching out

Watching glow worms shimmer on Jersey sands is an unforgettable sight Continue reading

All the most popular bath bombs in Lush ranked in order

First published on Cosmopolitan UK on November 8 2016 It’s a tough job but someone had to do it. Lizzy Dening tried all the classic Lush bath bombs and catagorised them from worst to best. Where does your favourite rank? 17. SAKURA What does it smell like? Vaguely peachy How does it look? Rather bland, … Continue reading

Weekender: The Best Bits of Birmingham

First appeared on Grazia Daily in November 2014 (but their website has now changed so I can’t link to it!) Weekender is Grazia’s new travel blog. Lizzy Dening will leave no stone unturned to discover the chicest breaks, hidden gems and best ways to spend 48 hours. It’s a tough job. If someone suggested indulging … Continue reading

Reading Lady: First blog for Grazia

First published on Grazia Daily on Thursday 30th January Are you a sexist reader? Is it important to read an equal mixture of female and male authors? Is your bookcase groaning with tomes from male writers? Or does gender not play any part in the type of books you like to read? These are important … Continue reading

What lies beneath: Going underground to uncover Disney World’s deepest secrets

First published on the MailOnline on 7th January 2014 There are thousands of rumours about Walt  Disney World, Florida, many without foundation.  There are tales of the park being filled with feral cats at night to keep the  rodents down, or the one about wild alligators inhabiting Splash Mountain.  However, my favourite rumour happens to be … Continue reading