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What It’s Really Like To Mastermind A London Fashion Week Party

First published by Grazia February 2015 You might think that planning a post-show party for London Fashion Week is a dream job, but aside from rubbing shoulders with Cara and Jourdan, it’s a whole lot of hard work. Alex Nicholl, Regional Director of F&B at the Mondrain, tells us about the preparations for Holly Fulton’s … Continue reading

All the most popular bath bombs in Lush ranked in order

First published on Cosmopolitan UK on November 8 2016 It’s a tough job but someone had to do it. Lizzy Dening tried all the classic Lush bath bombs and catagorised them from worst to best. Where does your favourite rank? 17. SAKURA What does it smell like? Vaguely peachy How does it look? Rather bland, … Continue reading

What happens when you IGNORE clothing care labels?

First published for FEMAIL on MAILONLINE on November 1 2016 One brave volunteer threw her woollens in the washing machine to find out (with some very upsetting results) Lizzy Dening says life is too short for carefully re-shaping knitwear But how accurate are labels and what damage can a machine really do? FEMAIL set out … Continue reading

6 Teenage Make Up Fails We’ve All Been Through

First published on Grazia Daily on 14th August 2014 According to a seriously depressing new survey, a fifth of girls aged 12 won’t leave the house without full makeup, which is frankly too much effort at any age, let alone when you could still get away with playing with the Sylvanian Families canal boat without … Continue reading