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Why TV needs to take rape seriously

First published by Marie Claire 11th February 2020 Out Of The Shadows launches today – an important campaign asking programme makers to adhere to a set of guidelines when dealing with sexual violence. These vital messages can make a huge difference to many lives as these women testify… Imagine that, as a survivor of sexual … Continue reading

Here’s why you should STILL be angry about the tampon tax

First published by Marie Claire10th December 2019 Women’s charities were promised the extra funding… but it’s not being delivered. Now you can join a new campaign demanding our ‘blood money’ back The tampon tax that deems sanitary items a ‘luxury’ has always been a bone of contention for anyone who’s ever baulked at the price … Continue reading

What I’ve learnt from rape survivors

First published by Marie Claire27th November 2019 Hello, my name is Lizzy Dening and I help survivors of sexual violence tell their unflinching honest accounts online, often when they’ve not told anyone before. Here’s why it’s crucial we learn to listen This week marked the start of the UN’s 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based … Continue reading

Is self-employment the future for women?

First published by Marie Claire 5th March 2020 Freelancing has never been more popular for young women. But why are we flocking to freelance life, and is it a liberation or an unsupported pressure cooker? Lizzy Dening reports… If you’re self-employed, or thinking of taking the plunge, you’re in good company. The number of self-employed … Continue reading

Why Wedding Magazines Are The Worst

First published by Huffington Post 7th June 2017 After re-mortgaging the house to pay for them, and almost breaking my puny arms carrying them (those glossy adverts are weighty) I settled down with a cup of tea to discover… that weddings are now essentially a Mad Hatter’s tea party on stilts, at Disneyland, where everyone … Continue reading