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Why Wedding Magazines Are The Worst

First published by Huffington Post 7th June 2017 After re-mortgaging the house to pay for them, and almost breaking my puny arms carrying them (those glossy adverts are weighty) I settled down with a cup of tea to discover… that weddings are now essentially a Mad Hatter’s tea party on stilts, at Disneyland, where everyone … Continue reading

Asking for it: Why is the media still obsessed with the length of our skirts?

First published by Grazia January 2017 In a week that’s seen half a million people take to the streets of Washington to defend women’s rights (and many thousands more across the world) how is it that we are still having to talk about the length of women’s skirts? The tabloid media love any excuse to … Continue reading

I’m a volunteer at a rape crisis centre – believe me, the legal system has never been balanced for survivors

First published in The Independent August 2019 Being falsely accused and named is horrible, but I’d argue that It’s worse to be sexually abused and then told you’re a liar, which, unfortunately, happens far more frequently Another day, another debate about whether or not those accused of sexual violence should be protected. This time, Cliff … Continue reading

Spice World: the feminist movie? When girl power hit the big screen

Is Spiceworld the Movie a feminist masterpiece? Continue reading

The Moomins: Tove Jansson’s feminist legacy

First published by The Guardian on September 26 2017 The Finnish author and illustrator used her books to subtly challenge views on how women should live and behave. Now, those stories are part of an Oxfam campaign to empower women around the world Post-war stories about Finnish trolls might not be the first place you … Continue reading